Best Android Cleaner App to Boost your Performance

Cleaning apps for Android helps to clear the unnecessary cache files and optimize the RAM to perform better. Using the best Android cleaner app you can easily optimize your Android phone to work faster.

Are you in search of the best android cleaner? If yes then don’t worry. To optimize your Android performance we have made a list of the best Android phone cleaning app for you.

With these top best android phone boosters, you can clear the cache files, delete unnecessary files, optimize RAM and refresh the Processor. Check out the best android system cleaner.

5 Best Android Cleaner Apps for your Phone

SD Maid

SD Maid is one of the powerful Android cleaners that’s used to clean up the junk files of your Android. This SD Maid android cleaner cleans the system’s unnecessary files and suggests to delete by placing them on trojans.

Also, its powerful features help to manage the extra file on your phone. You can overtake the files depending upon the duplicate, and other procedures.

Also, its clean UI makes it easy for the users to get the best experience while using it. It will be easy for you to analyze the system storge with this app.

Furthermore, you can use its schedule features to clean the system. Also, you can get out the Pro features to unlock several powerful features to guard your android device against malware and attackers.

Clean – Master of Cleaner, Antivirus

It’s the original Clean Master App which used to be popular a few years back. Clean Master is another trusted and Powerful cleaning app for your Android. This antivirus app is used to clean out the junk files on your phone.

Using its features one can easily clean out the useless residues, cache and other files from the phone. Also, it makes you aware of the trojans and malware detected on your system.

Additionally, it’s one of the security apps for you too. As built with this antivirus we can find the App Lock features used to secure your system.

Avast Security

The name Avast had already made its name in the Antivirus world. Avast security for Mobile devices is one of the highly secured and powerful apps to boost the android experience.

This security comes with several accessibility features. Using this app one can easily manage their storage. Also, it has powerful features to properly control your control centre features as turning off Bluetooth, wi-fi and mobile data to maintain the power.

It’s one of the File Managers for your phone too. Depending upon the quality of the photos this app will hibernate them. As more, it helps to keep your phone aware and safe from malware and attackers.

360° Booster & Cleaner

360 Security is one of the finest names in the Anti-virus industry. The 360 Booster and Cleaner app is well-optimised for delivering the speed of your Android.

It’s a useful antivirus app for your android to optimize and boost performance by cleaning the RAM. This app cleans the trojans and boosts memory.

Besides, it has the features to boost the battery by cleaning the auto-starting apps in the background.

All-in-One Toolbox

All in One Toolbox is another best android cleaner featuring powerful options to magnify the real-time performance of your Android phones. This app features the monitoring of the battery health, controls the status of the PC and cools out the CPU to run it smoothly.

This app lets you clean out the temp files of your phone. Helps to clear the cache data and other affected apps and files. Using its features you can easily analyze the device and check out the status of your device too.

The Boost function of this app helps to close out unnecessary apps running in the background. Additionally, we can find the Battery Saver to save the battery and minimise overheating issues too.

Files by Google (Google File Manager)

Owned by Google, this app is one of the File Managers for your Android. It’s all in one app for your phone. We can use this file manager to manage and take control of the files on your phone.

You can use the Files by Google app to clean out junk files and free up space by deleting unused apps and files. Also, the cleaning features of this app help to secure and boost your experience easier.


Does the Antivirus app work?

Antivirus apps are used to safeguard our android from malware and attackers. Besides, it helps to clean out the phone’s system and boost the real-time experience.

What is the Best Antivirus for Android?

360 Security and All in One Tool Box are the topmost android phone cleaner app used to optimize your Phone’s performance.

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