Common iPhone Problems & Its Solutions

iPhone is one of the finest phones in the world to feature top-level quality. But still, you may have to face some issues while you are using it. The common iPhone problems seen will hurt you. For this reason, we have mentioned the common iPhone problems & It’s solutions.

If you are an iPhone user then I’m sure you are not satisfied with it like Android phones. Yes, the major issues like Overheating, Lower battery capacity but fast draining, Everything premium, etc. It May make you get disappointed from it.

So, by making your consideration we are going to discuss the most common problems on iPhones. Also, we have mentioned the solutions to minimize or tackle the problems in short.

7 Common iPhone Problems and Their Solution

We may face several problems while using an iPhone. Depending upon the nature the problems may also be different. Check out these common iPhone problems and their solutions.


Overheating is one of the major problems on iPhones like Redmi phones. Like the Redmi Phones, the older model iPhone used to get an excessive hot faster. The hot phones may cause an issue with the CPU and also degrades the performance of the phone.

It’s a normal thing to get heat for iPhone. The iPhone used to get hotter faster and also consumes the battery faster.


Scheduling your phone for a few minutes to cool down is one of the best ways. Besides, you can also stop keep on the connectivity features for an extra time.

Also, clearing the background tasks and using the phone on heat, and while charging is the way to minimize overheating issues on iPhone.

Battery Draining

The weak point of the iPhone is its battery. If you are searching for a battery backup phone then obviously the iPhone is not for you. At first, the battery capacity of the iPhone is lower than Android phones.

Secondly, the battery consumption is faster too. Compared to normal android phones the battery-draining speed on iPhone is faster. The draining is directly connected to the heating issues.


Closing the background process is one of the simple remedies for battery draining in iPhone. Also, you can make your battery health good by scheduling the charging time and giving time to cool your phone after using it for a few minutes in a specific duration.

Freezing/ Crashing

Sometimes the powerful iPhone also fails to perform well. Yes, installed apps on your iPhone fail to work fine and start crashing. It’s another common iPhone problem to be seen.

Due to the number of apps and other system errors sometimes the iPhone used starts crashing annoying.


Updating particular apps may help to fix the crashing problem of particular apps. Besides, you can also use the system update to update your iPhone.

If your iPhone has a new update then you can install the update to make your iPhone faster and fix such freezing and crashing issues easily.

Also, re-updating the apps from the App Store or re-installing the process helps to fix the app crash issue.

Forget Password

Forget password is another common iPhone Problem seen. Sometimes we used to forget our password. The misconnection and setting up of the password in the unconscious stage results in these issues.

Among the 7 common iPhone issues, it’s one of them. If you forget your password then you must need to have followed some methods to get recover your password.


You can have the option to reset the forgotten password using the Security keys. If not then you can use other Security methods to unlock your phone either using the AI Face Unlock or Fingerprint Sensor.

No Update

If your iPhone is not receiving the latest updates then it may cause several Bugs and Issues on it. So you can check out the updates from the System Updater.


Via the Settings app, you can get access to the system update to check out the latest update on your iPhone.

Proximity Sensor Not Working

Problems related to Proximity are rear in smartphones. If your iPhone’s screen doesn’t get turned off while you place your phone near to ear during the phone call then it’s due to a proximity problem.

If your iPhone has a problem related to the Proximity sensor then your iPhone screen doesn’t get turned off during the phone call. This sensor is useful to prevent unwanted touch with the skin during the phone call.


By enabling the DFU mode from iTunes you may fix these problems. Also, re-starting or re-setting your iPhone is beneficial to fix this problem.

Backup Error

Due to various reasons, your iPhone may fail to back up the files to your iCloud account. This error mainly occurs due to the lack of storage or a problem related to your iCloud account.

If your iPhone fails to take the backup of your device photos and other documents then you need to find out the possible reason first. Mainly, an Internet issue and iCloud error are seen here.


To fix this common iPhone problem you can check out the status of your iCloud account. Besides, the internet connection is also must be considered.


Here we have mentioned the common iPhone problems and their solutions. Hope these common solutions for your iPhone will work for you and save you time & money.

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