Google Drive: 10 Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know About

If we talk about the online drive or online cloud storage then we may have listened to, seen or use one of the most popular cloud storage, Google drive. Before finding out google drive tricks it is necessary to know about Google Drive.

Google Drive is the official online data storage or cloud drive of Google. The use of any online drive is to upload files, attachments and any data to save and share with others. Now, here we are going to find out some tricks of Google Drive.

10 Google Drive Features You May Not Know About

Let’s find out the tips and tricks of Google Drive on your Computer and Mobile Device,

Dark Mode

User-friendly Notification Settings

Offline Features

Send Large Size Files to Gmail

Collect Data Via Google Forms

Scan to upload and save as file, edit the file OCR facility

Computer Sync

 Multiple Account

 Free Storage

Sorting and Viewing Method

Google Drive Explore Feature


Google Drive Tips & Tricks

Dark Mode

The most awaited features in android smartphones and android apps in Dark Mode. Dark Mode is one of the features and tricks of Google Drive.

Dark Mode in Google Drive helps to save the user’s eye from strain and blue light coming from the screen. To make and keep on engaging in performing the task in Google Drive users can enable this feature by going to the settings of the Google Drive app.

User-friendly notification options

The trick that can be done in Google drive is by making google drive user-friendly. Users can make the Google Drive app more user-friendly by enabling different notification options.

Users can allow floating notifications, lock screen notifications to show received notifications on the lock screen of the device, allow sound and vibration for incoming notifications in google drive, etc.

Offline features

Google Drive users also get a feature to access it offline. The users can use google drive when they are out of the internet connection. Users can view and edit the saved files in google drive offline also.

Send large files to Gmail

The most useful trick of Google Drive and Google Mail is that users can send large size of files easily using the drive. Normally, Gmail users can’t send a file size greater than 25MB.

Due to this limitation in sending files and attachments in Gmail, it is difficult to send a large file. But don’t worry, with the help of Google Drive you can send large size of files easily to another user.

If you want to send documents or anything in Gmail more than the size of 25MB then you can use Google Drive.

To use this feature, you have to upload the desired files (files you want to send) and copy the link of that file and use it in Gmail.

Collect Data from Google Forms

Google Drive users can get a very convenient tool that helps in creating a variety of forms with text boxes, checkboxes, multiple choices, lists and so on. Users can create different forms like a Contact form, Registration form and different account fill-up forms using Google Forms.

To create a Google Form, you have to tap or click on the “New” or “+” icon and go to “More”. More options, you can get additional options, choose Google Forms and select the desired methods of forms that you want. you can get some templates for your documents to make fill out.

Scan to Upload and OCR

Another google drive trick that we get is to import any proper document, photo text to digital text format. With the help of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) features, we can save the documents in Google Drive just by clicking the photo of the documents from the paper or any source.

This feature enables a user to upload a paper document using the camera of the device. The documents created by this will be in .pdf or .jpg format. The users can edit, crop, fix colour and rotate the scan documents to roll out the documents.

 Computer Sync

Using Google Drive, you can sync and make a backup of your files, folders, and documents with your Mac or Windows computer easily.

Multiple Account

Like other google drive tricks, the one is multi-account. The users can sign in to many Gmail accounts in a single google drive app and access it easily. To use the desired account or desired account of the drive the users can sign in it one tap.

Free Storage

The most important feature and trick that all google drive users are getting is that, free storage. Google provides 15GB of free cloud storage for free to its all drive users.

Every user can get 15GB of free online storage to save photos, files, documents, and attachments online to access them easily anywhere and everywhere. Users can also upgrade to the higher size of plans to upload and save large files and folders.

Sorting and Viewing Method

Another google drive trick to be noted is the sorting and viewing method of the google drive interface. The users can sort the files and documents uploaded in Google drive by options like sort by Name, Sort by Last Modified, sort by Last modified me, Last opened by me and Storage used.

The users also get the two methods for viewing the documents and data saved in google drive. Users can choose a list method and a grid method for it.

Google Drive Explore feature

Exploring the necessary and related contents will help to keep on assigning and focusing on the performing task. Opening multiple tabs and apps for the completion of a single task may consume time.

So, to make the proper utility of time and to provide related tools and information Google drive introduced a new feature.

Google Drive has an Explore option to counteract this and to increase concentration on the task. You can get an Explore option on the bottom right side of the Google Drive page. This will open a sidebar on the right side of the window.

This sidebar contains suggested links and images related to the document and files you are tasking on. This can keep focused on your work and make it more effective.


Finding unlimited google drive tricks shows a lot of useful knowledge about Google Drive. In this post, we have mentioned some useful and common tricks related to google drive. As compared to other online or cloud drives google drive is one of the best which provides 15GB of free storage for every Gmail user for free.

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