3 Easy steps to Stop Google Photos Backup on Android & iPhone

Either Good or Bad, the Google Photos Apps installed on your Android are used to back up the photos of your Gallery Automatically. Yes, it is one of the most delicate features of Google photos. Well, it is one of the best ways to take care of photos, but it may consume a lot of data and cause a delay in your phone’s performance. Because of this, if you are willing to Stop google photos Backup on Android, here are the methods.

Its Backup features let you get the same documents on various other connected devices. It’s the best method to create a community of your pictures that we can access from anywhere and on any of your devices connected with a particular Gmail.

Although picture backup functions by Google Photos are one of the most remarkable attributes many individuals love, it’s not suitable for some individuals who do not want to share their gallery photos, even on their web server.

Reason to Stop Google Photos Backup Process

To back up, the photos make it easy to access those photos anywhere from any gadget. Also, this procedure helps to bring back the pictures if you have removed those original copies from the phone. I still need to know why people want to Stop Photos Backup in Google

Storage Issue: Gdrive Provides 15GB of space for all, which is also used for mail keeping. If the store obtains the complete images after that, you can’t receive them in addition like email sends by others.

Security Issues: Still, some individuals don’t trust such an online drive to store documents.

Slow Performance: With a high-speed net connection, the backup process is far slower than Normal document uploading. Also, the backup process makes the phone get hotter faster and lose the actual performance.

Its Backup features let you get duplicate files on other connected devices. It’s the best way to create an ecosystem of your photos that we can access from anywhere and on any device.

Although photo backup features by Google Photos are one of the most excellent features, many users love them. Still, it’s not favorable for some users who do not want to share their gallery albums on their server.

Stop Google Photos Backup in Android Easily

If you add a new photo or click it on your phone, then the Google Photos app of your phone starts to upload that new photo to its server automatically. Well, this process lets the extra career data charges. Besides, this process causes problems regarding your privacy too. So, here we must find out the possible methods to stop the cycle of uploading photos of your phone online via Google Photos.

The method I – Stop Google Photos Backup by Disabling the Auto Sync.

If the users disable the auto-backup features, then the Android system automatically blocks the features of auto-uploading your photos. So, it’s one of the best and easiest methods to stop google photos backup online. Check these steps to disable google photos backup on Android phones.

  • Go to the Profile from the app and tap on the Photo Settings there. It will open the new Window from where you can get other Settings options.
  • Under Settings, you have to tap on the Backup & sync options. It will open the new Window of the Backup & sync. 
  • Now, toggle the 1st option of Backup & Sync. 
  • That’s it.

Method II – Stop Google Photos Backup by Removing the Gmail Account

Logging out of your Google Account from the phone is also the master way to stop Google photos backup. You can prevent the Google auto photo backup process by removing the Google Account from the phone.

Although it’s one of the easiest methods, you may lose the features of Google right now. But still, you can follow this method on your Android phone. Check these steps,

  • Go to the Account Icon by touching the top-right side. It will open the alternatives there.
  • Tap on Manage your Google Account. It will open a new home window on your phone’s display. From here, you can see all your connected Gmail Accounts there.
  • From there, you need to touch on Manage accounts on this phone. Currently, select the Particular (Desired) Gmail account.
  • Touch on Remove Account. It displays the pop-up Window. Merely tap on Remove Account.
  • That’s it.

Method III – Stop Photos Backup in Android by Uninstalling the Google Photos

If you don’t want to lose All google services by removing the Gmail Account from your phone, then you can follow these steps. Here you need to delete the Google Photos App from your phone. So, remove or uninstall the Google Photos app and use the inbuilt Gallery or Photos app.

Stop Google Photos Backup in iPhone Easily.

The backing-up procedure does not take sufficient time. It’s straightforward to experience it. After Backup, you can conveniently access those photos by authorizing with Gamil Account on any other gadget, including your iPhone.

The method I- Turning Off Backup and Sync

If your Google Photos backup your gallery photos, you need to be sure the Google Photos Auto Sync features are on. So, you need to turn off the backup and sync features. For this, you can follow these methods. Here’s how.

  • Open the Google Photos Application on your iPhone and afterward tap on the Account icon revealed on the leading edge of the display.
  • Scroll down as well as go to the Photos Settings there.
  • It would help if you touched on the backup & Sync options there. It opens the following home window. Currently, below you need to set up the settings.
  • Toggle it to the entrusted to get shut off the Backup & Sync.
  • Ultimately done.

This procedure lets your Google Photos Application not take the Backup of your images and media. You can additionally allow this by adhering to the same steps in the future.

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