Top 5 Apps That Protect Our Android Devices


Today in this Article we will discuss about Importance Antivirus and also discuss about Top 5 Apps That Protect Our Android Devices. And these Top 5 Apps are also a type of antivirus and anti spyware application that protect our Android devices from malware, viruses and other unknown bugs. We will also discuss that Is Antivirus Safe For Our Android Devices or Not. So let’s start our today’s Article.

What is Antivirus ?

Antivirus is the type of program which helps us to detect and remove malware and virus from our devices. It is also help us to protect the users from malicious virus, browser hijackers, trojan horses, spyware and cleaning the junk files from devices and keep our devices smooth and safe.

The first Computer virus was discover in 1971 named Creeper Virus. This virus infected the digital equipment of Mainframe computer while the Mainframe Computer running the Tenex Operating System. And hence to protected the devices from malware and other virus, We use Antivirus to detect and remove from our devices.

Is Antivirus Safe or not ?

Antivirus are generally use to find the virus and remove them all, and also it used to clean other junk files. And keep our devices smooth and safe. So Antivirus is totally safe for our devices but not all. It is because there are some other software comes who argue that they are also a antivirus and they are also help to remove malware but actually when we install those type of software, then the software install different type of spyware, malware and virus to our devices and they collecting our personal data. For this reason our Indian Goverment banned too many Chines Antivirus Application in year 2020.

So that all Antivirus are not trusted. We have to use the trusted Antivirus that really protect our devices and remove all malware.

Top 5 Antivirus

Here is the top 5 Antivirus that help us to protect our Android devices from malware, spyware and other virus.

#1. Avast Antivirus

Avast Antivirus is the one of the most popular Antivirus for both Desktop and Android Devices. For Android devices we can easily download this software in google play store. And it will comes with 2 version that one is Free version and other is paid version. In free version it have App lock, anti theft features, removing junk files, web protection shield and many more. And in paid version we get some premium features like VPN, Wifi security and phishing protection included. This is the most trusted Antivirus and Anti malware and it is totally safe to use.

#2. Bitdefender Antivirus

This is also another most trusted Antivirus for Android Devices. And Bitdefender Antivirus is also available in Google play store. And this Antivirus is totally paid, so if you want to purchase this antivirus then you can easily choose this antivirus. The most expensive features of this Antivirus are Anti theft features, Free VPN, Web protection, App lock, Locate our device in real time etc.

#3. Norton 360 Antivirus

Norton Antivirus is the also one of the best Antivirus of Android devices. And it also available in Google Play store. This Antivirus is totally paid and also we get 14 days free trial while we purchase. The most expensive features of this Antivirus are pre download App scanner, Website protection, Free VPN, WiFi Security,Smart firewall, Cloud backup storage of 10 GB and many more.

#4. Jio Security

This is also a Antivirus which is recently publish by Jio community and it is also available in Google Play Store. This Antivirus is totally free for evey one and in this Antivirus we get more expensive features like pre-App download scanner, website protection, devices protections, App lock, Anti theft features, real time device location features and malware and junk removal features and many more. This Antivirus is totally safe and free to use.

#5. Quick heal Antivirus

In our 5th and last of our list is Quick heal Antivirus. This Antivirus is also available for both Desktop and Android Devices. And For Desktop users Quick heal Antivirus is Totally paid and For Android Users there are both free and paid option available. Android Users can easily download this Antivirus from Google Play Store. And the most expensive and helpful features of this Antivirus is Different type of Scan Option like schedule scan, background scan etc, Anti theft features, WiFi Security, Security Advisor, Privacy Advisor, Phone boost, App lock, scan app before and after download and many other features. This Antivirus is totally safe and trusted so that we can easily use this in our Android Devices.

So this is the Top 5 Antivirus Application that protect our Android Devices from malware and other spyware. And all the top 5 application are 100% trusted, safe and also available in Google Play Store. So that we can easily use this Antivirus Application in our Android Devices.

Final Words

In today Article we will discuss about Top 5 Antivirus Apps that really protect our Android devices. Because these Antivirus are 100% trusted and safe so that we can use it in our Android Devices. And please don’t install other unknown Antivirus Software because it may stole your data, always trusted real Antivirus like these. So that’s enough in our today’s article.

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