Top Security Tools That Every Android User Should Have on Their Devices

Your Android device comes with some security settings and protocols out of the box, but they are not tough enough to protect you against the many ills of hackers out there.

Bringing this closer to home, no fewer than a billion Android devices are on the brink of being hacked right now. This tells you how important it is that you contribute to your device’s safety and security.

Fortunately, there are some apps that you can install to make that happen for you.


What do you think a VPN is used for? To change your location at will, right? Well, right and wrong. You are right because they can be used for that too. Where you will be wrong, though, is thinking that this is the only thing they are capable of.

When you connect to the internet with a VPN for Android devices, all your internet data over that session is encrypted and tunneled through different servers. This makes it impossible for hackers to see what you are doing on the internet, and talk less about hacking your units.

In the same way, you can use a VPN to ensure you are not deanonymized on the internet while having secure communications.


This is a time when you cannot afford to do without antivirus software – and a good one at that. The rate of malware attacks is on the rise, and more of these are coming in the form of viruses.

Likewise, you cannot always guarantee the integrity of the computers to that you are connecting your devices. On the reverse, the same is true for storage devices (like OTG flash drives) that you are connecting to your Android unit too.

Finally, antivirus software will also help you to ensure you aren’t downloading malware onto your device from the internet. This makes a lot of sense if you get a lot of attachments and files in the mail.

Secure Browsers

When talking about Android device security, internet browsers do not come up as much as they should. Go into the Google Play Store right now, and you will not be surprised to find an array of browsers promising you the best experience.

Some of these browsers have been optimized for speed while others have been well-tweaked for aesthetics.

If a hack would happen, though, none of these browsers will save you. You might be wondering why browsers seem to be relevant all of a sudden.

When using the internet, you are bound to access different websites that will place cookies on your website. If your browser is not secure against tracker cookies, webmasters and advertisers can track you around the internet.

These cookies allow anyone controlling them to see what websites you visit after you leave theirs – and that is not something you might want anyone to know.

Likewise, browser fingerprinting has become a pressing issue today.

It happens when the webmasters/ advertisers/ others collect identifying information about your computer so much that they can locate your internet traffic in a stream of others.

In other words, they have created a digital signature for you – and you can’t shake that anywhere you go.

Finally, you might be one of those who save passwords on their browsers. Best believe that those passwords will fall into the wrong hands in the case of a hack. That is why we recommend secure browsers like Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Brave Browser, among others.

Password Manager

When discussing browsers above, we mentioned how unsafe it might be to save your passwords on your browsers.

Of course, that means you get to log in to your units faster than before – but it also means that a hack to the browser will reveal all your accounts and their access information.

Thus, it is better to get an independent password manager. The best thing about excellent password managers is that they come with a password-generation tool too. This way, you can create an almost un-hackable password for any account of yours – and have somewhere safe to store them also.

Final Words

That’s the possible tools to be required to make your android safe and secure. Using these above tools you can protect your Android get to feel safe to use without any errors.

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