What Is Digital Wellbeing In Android Device


In this topic we discuss the most important topic that name is Digital Wellbeing in Android Devices. Now the time this features will come in every new Android Devices but what is it ?, Don’t worry we discuss in this topic.

And we also discuss on these following topics – What Is Digital Wellbeing In Android Device ? Meaning Of Digital Wellbeing ? Digital Wellbeing App ? Digital Wellbeing Topics ? Uses Of Digital Wellbeing ?. So let’s start our today Article.

What is Digital Wellbeing ?

Digital Wellbeing is the features where we check our daily report like how we often check our phone and how many times we spent in another Android Apps, we can also see that how many time we use our phone in one day.

So this features is very much helpful to us. And in Digital Wellbeing there are also other features have and don’t worry we will discuss one by one. So this is the all about Digital Wellbeing meaning and now the time to discuss the whole features of Digital Wellbeing.

Digital Wellbeing Dashboard Features

The awesome features is we can easily enable Digital Wellbeing in our setting or download the app and we will discuss about the app in later but now we discuss the main dashboard of Digital Wellbeing. Actually when we comes to this dashboard then it will show our all monitor data serially and we can easily explore all data that how much and where we spent our time by using this dashboard.

And the given dashboard is very user friendly and everyone can easily understand all things when he/she comes to this dashboard. And the interesting features when we tap the app then we can easily see the all data individually and this dashboard also show or weekly average report also.

All the features of Digital Wellbeing

So these are the important features of Digital Wellbeing And these proves that how it will be important for us, So let’s check it.

  1. Pause Distracting App
  2. Set Daily Limit on Apps
  3. Customize and Snooze Apps
  4. Do not Disturb
  5. Bad time Mode
  6. Remind to take break & many others.

So these are the most important features we choose for this article, and we now discuss all of these topic one by one.

#Pause Distracting App features

This is the one of the features of Digital Wellbeing, and it is also call as Focus Mode. When we focus on a app suppose we use YouTube and we cannot distract then this features is help us. That means with a single tap this mode hide all notification of other application, and by the help of this features we stay concentrate on a single application.

#Set Daily Limit on Apps features

If we want to set a time limit to a certain application or a particular website then we can easily set time limit by using this features. And when the timer will finish which we set then then the application or website is automatic stop or rest for that day. So this features is also help for us to use all application or website with limits.

#Customize and Snooze Apps features

By this features we can set or customize a particular notification and set what type of notification we want to receive for a particular application and we also decide that which alerts we want to see.

By the help of this snooze features we can temporary hide any notification in our Action bar or Notification bar.

#Do not Disturb features

By using this features we hide all notification in one tap. This features is also most important for us and we can stay focus in any app with out disturbing.

#Bad time Mode features

This mode is specially design to remind us the bad time mode in night and we can also set this mode while charging. And when this mode is enable then Grayscale changes the screen black and white. And do not disturb mode also on automatically and hide all notification.

#Remind to take break features

When we enable this awesome features then after the time will end which you set then it automatic indicate you to take break. And this is also the most important features.

How we download Digital Wellbeing App

As we already discuss that this features is be default comes with new Android device but if your device is old then don’t worry you can easily download it in Google Play Store.

In playstore this is the beta version and every one can easily download this application and check the report.

Uses of Digital Wellbeing

We can use Digital Wellbeing to monitor our Activity and check how much we spent time and data in mobile. And there are also have Parental Control system. So if you are a parents then this features is very useful to your children to monitor the all activity of your children.

Also we can use this in personal also. And this features control YouTube, Google Assistant also to manage and provide better performance to us.

Final Words

In this article we will discuss all important features of Digital Wellbeing And also discuss the uses of this features. Also it have parental control system to control monitor of children.

So this is the end of our article and kindly check our all article to know more about Android devices Tips and tricks. And we will come back to an other article.

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