Advantages and Disadvantages Of Third Party Android Apps


Today we will discuss about Third party Android Application in this topic. And try to cover these topics step by step. And the topics are – Advantages and Disadvantages of third party Android Apps ? How to Allow Third party app in Android ? Third party App means ? Which is the Third party App Store ? 

So in this article may be your all doubts clear about Third party Android Apps.

What is Third Party Apps ?

Before we discuss more, at first we have to understand that What is Third Party Apps ? and the answer is – Third Party Application is the type of Software Application which is made by some unknown developers.

And we called Third party to these apps because Now the time there are many individual developers and companies create too many application and publish there apps in secure platform like Google play store, Apple store, Amazon App Store etc.

But those developer who’s cannot publish there Apps in these platforms so we call there application as a third party apps.

Advantages of Third Party Apps

There are too many important advantages of third party applications But in this section we will discuss about some important advantages of Third Party Apps and that are –

#Advantage 1

First advantage of third party application is, There are most of the important app which is develop by some others developers but some security reasons and Policy they cannot publish there app. But they give there app link in such ways like bio, website, description of YouTube video etc. And finally we use those apps and explore all features.

#Advantage 2

the second important things is the, to develop the third party app Developer can get chance to increase there developing skills, Ability of thinking, Improve the Design and structure of Application etc. And the next time developer can improve there application by using there skills.

#Advantage 3

If we use the third party application so it may be very easy to perform task with this application but on the other hand if the application is published and supposed it is paid so if we have money but we can’t purchase, and that is true.

So these are the common but important advantages of third party Application, and the other advantages are depend on the type of application because different Application perform different task. And these third party App have some disadvantages also.

#Disadvantage 1

If we download any third party application in our Android phone then we cannot update officially because it is not launch or publish any store. So to update this third party app we have visit the main source and  download it manually.

#Disadvantage 2

Some cheaters can try to collect our data so they made this type of application and they install some malware, and when we install this application the malware automatically collects our data and send to the main source. But don’t worry All individual developers are not like this.

#Disadvantage 3

If the Third party Application are not publish any platform like Play store and Apple store etc. So we cannot fully trust on these application. These application may be hang or crash on our phone and for the results we have to delete these app in our phone but some cases these third party Application are not doing like this.

How To Allow Third Party App In Android

If we create or download the third party app in any source then we can’t install in our mobile because our Android mobile is the smart phone and it found and check that if the Application which is recently download is third party or not.

To install the third party application in our mobile phone we have to change the basic settings like –

  • Go to mobile settings
  • Tap the search bar
  • Search the unknown source and just turn on to allow install unknown apps

Other wise if you try to install the third party application then it will be automatically redirect to the settings and then you have to turn it on to allow permission.

Third Party App store

There are too many source or store you found the internet who’s upload these third party application. By the help of these third party store individual developers get chance to publish there application.

That is why because Every developer’s dream is to create a Application and publish it to Google Play store or Apple store but those are paid and we have to pay money to create an account and due to low balance they cannot get chance to upload there application in Google play store or Apple store.

Our Suggestion

If you are a individual developer then we suggest you to join Amazon Developer and publish there application in Amazon App Store and this is totally free for every one. So in our suggestion don’t upload your app in other third party sources and third party store. And now you all are confuse that what is Amazon Developer.

What is Amazon Developer Account

Like Google Play Console and Apple Play Console Account, Amazon Developer Account also is the platform where we can join free and upload our Application also free. After Google play store and Apple Store we can trust Amazon App store also. And there are nothing different in Google Play console and Amazon Developer Account, All have same features. If you know all things about Google Play Console then you will understand better about Amazon Developer Account.

Final Words

In this Article we will discuss about the Third Party Application and try to cover all quarries and questions about it. And also we have to suggest the best Platform to publish App Free after Google play console and Apple App Store. There are others store also have like Opera store, Vivo store, Palm Store but Amazon App Store is the most trusted App store after Google Play Store and Apple App Store. So that is the end of your today’s Articles and next time we will come to our other Article.

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