How To Secure Our Android Devices In 2022


Today in this Article we will discuss about the most important topic that How To Secure Our Android Devices In 2021. Today now the situation we have to protect our device from Theft, Hackers and other Virus or Malware. So that in this post we will discuss that how we protect our devices from Theft and Hackers. So this Article will very much helpful for all Android users, So let’s start.

How To Secure Android Devices ?

Today in this generation everything will be depends on Online. And that why the crime activity will also increase day by day because most of the people doesn’t understand the some online facility like transfer money online, check Account info in mobile and others reasons, and the theft or frauds and hackers will attack these kind of people’s data.

So that Today we will discuss on these topics and we also provide some Tips that may help to secure Android Devices from Theft, Frauds and hackers. We will discuss those topics one by one also provides the important of that features.

Top Features that help to Secure Android Device

Now we will discuss about some features that really help us from our mobile theft or hack. And we divide these features and now we will discuss those features one by one.

#1. Third Party Apps

This is the most common factor which will done by many users. Actually some hacker’s try to stole our data so that they make a third party Application or Games and inject there virus or malware and when we download those type of Application and Games then the malware or spy software automatically install in our devices and stole our all data. We cannot target all third party application and games but “Prevention Is Better Than Cure“.

So we have to be Alert and try to download Application and Games in Google Play store and other trusted platforms. And the other things is we always try to check that those particular Application or Games require or ask us what type of permissions. Suppose those Applications or Games ask other permission which is really not required so we suggest that not install those type of Games or Applications.

#2. Always update your system

Yes, to protect our Android Devices from Hacker or hacker’s malware, we have to update our System. Because company try improve there security and performance in there update. Suppose we cannot update our device software, so that our device run slowly and it have too many lack and bugs. And any hacker can easily hack our devices.

So that when company release there software update then it is our responsibility to update the software because those software can help us to improve our devices security. So that hacker’s cannot hack or stole our data easily. And also we have to update the application too to keep our device secure and safe.

#3. Try to set different Passwords

The most of the cases we set the same passwords in every account and that is the big mistake. If we set the same password in every where like all social media, online bank accounts, Gmail etc then hackers can easily access our all accounts. So that we have to set different passwords in different accounts, and for the results if someone successfully access our one account then they cannot access our other accounts.

#4. Device Backup

Device Backup is the most important, suppose our mobile is theft then our all data are gone and we cannot recover that. So that we have to backup our all data, and the backup process is really very easy. There are too many platform or software comes where we can backup our data but we have to choose Google Drive application to backup our data. After backup we can easily restore our all data in another mobile. So to protect our device data, we have backup our all data. So that next time to restore our data we just login our email address and we can easily restore our all data safely.

#5. Don’t install Third Part Antivirus App

To protect our device and secure then we try to not install other third party Anti virus Applications. Now the time hacker’s will inject there malware or spy software in there Antivirus Application and they publish their application in Google Play Store and sometime google cannot track or found the spyware or malware. And when we install those types of Third Party Antivirus Application then the spyware or malware stole our data, so that by using our personal data hacker’s easily control our Android Devices.

In latest Android Devices there are also a Antivirus or Cleaner App will come which is already in our Android Devices. So that we suggest Not to install other Third Part Antivirus Application in your Android Devices.

#6. Set password in Passphrase format

Sometime we will set very easy passwords like 4 digits password, pattern lock, Number password etc. And if our device is stole then someone can easily unlock our device in 2-3 days maximum. But if we will use Passphrase format to set password in our device so that anyone cannot unlock our devices. Because Passphrase is the format where we can set password with numbers, letters and special characters. And really this is the most secure password format.

Suppose someone unlock our device then we have to erase our all data remotely. To erase data remotely at first we have to download Find My Phone Application in our mobile and suppose the device will stole so that we login our email id in other device and tap to clear all data, and then all data will clear.

#7. Incognito Mode

Incognito mode us the best platform, and using this platform we can search anything in privately. Sometime if we search anything then it will automatically update in search history. So that most of the people use incognito mode to search privately, but google can track you what you will search. So that to protect our search results and search privately we have to install Tor Browser.

Tor Browser is the platform where anyone can search privately and no one can track us including Google cannot track us. So that this platform will very much helpful to all Android Users.

Final Words

In this Article we will discuss How to secure Our Android Devices in 2021. So that we suggest to use all feature which we are discuss in this article to keep your Android Device safe and secure. And that is enough in today article.

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