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Most Amazing Educational Website For Students In 2022



Today in this Article we will discuss about the top Amazing Educational Website that really helpful for students. Many students cannot afford there coaching or cannot afford the coaching fee. So that these Educational Website is specially for those students.

In this Websites we can learn any type of  Course. There is no matter that the student study a particular standard. Any standard or any category of students learn and complete there course in these websites. For class 1-10th, 11th-12th, or any stream of students can complete there studies. So Let’s start our today Article.

Most Amazing Educational Websites

Now we will start discuss about the top most amazing eduction website. And these website are not only for students but also every one can learn there courses and any tutorials in these websites.


We place this website in top of our list, W3school is the one of top educational website for programmer, computer science and IT Students. Because in this website we can learn Android Developing course like XML, Java, Kotlin, MySQL and Web developing like HTML, CSS, Java Script, PHP and more. It have also some other programming courses like C programming, C++, Python, C# and many more.

They have also launch there paid courses and in this paid courses they provide a certificate after completing any paid courses. Really this website is very good for students and programmers.


Khanacademy is also a educational website. This website is develop by American Educator Salman Khan. This website is specially for students who cannot afford a coaching. In this website students can learn Math, English, Science, Arts, and may other courses and subjects. Khanacademy also launch there Application in playstore, and now any students can download khanacademy app and learn any things for free.

Students can now read in offline mode on Khanacademy Application and grow there skills. Really this platform is very much helpful for every students who read in school or colleges. Also there will be a lots of tutorial video in Khanacademy for students.


Archive is the one of the best platform where anyone can download verity type of books, software and may other things. This is also called Library because we can download any book for free in this platform. This platform will very much helpful for those students or people who cannot afford to buy book. But now anyone can download any type of book and grow there skills.

This platform is not only for students but also any one can use this Website to read books.


Basically is the global Education website where we can learn different type of Courses and Languages like Chines Language, Japanese Language and many others. In this Platform there are more then 2000+ courses available. There also some other courses available like Data science, Business Management, Literature and Economics also.

In this website we can also learn Cyber security and may others programming courses and all courses are free for all. EdX have also launch there application on playstore and its free for all. This platform is specially for College and University students. And general people can also learn in this platform.

#5. Unacademy

Now the time study is most important for every people, So that Unacademy is one of the best platform to learn programming, and other topics like CBSE all subjects for school and college students, also Unacademy helps us to crack any Entrance exam, Job interview and many more. There are a lots of video tutorial of any languages. And Unacademy hire a certified teachers.

This is the very much biggest and popular learning platform. In India i think a lots of people join and learn from Unacademy. We can also download the Unacademy application in playstore. So keep learning with Unacademy.

Final Words

As we know that learning is the one of the way to archive our success. And in this article we discuss about top Amazing Educational websites where anyone can read and complete any courses for free. And these platform will very much helpful for those people who will not afford coaching fee or buy books. So that this is all about our today’s article.


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