Redmi Overheating Issues? The Common Solutions to Minimize Overheating

The well-known budget phones with millions of users globally are always in troll with heating issues. Yes, by born Redmi phones are addicted to Overheating problems. No doubt, as compared to the other phones ranging in the same segment are far better than Redmi phones. So, here we are with the causes for Redmi Overheating issues including its common solutions.

If you are a Redmi User then definitely you love the phone with its highly impressive features over the lower price. But sadly you are not satisfied from the Initial days regarding its performance and heating issue. 

Redmi Overheating Issues?

Overheating on Redmi phones is common in today’s date too. If you are using an Older model of Redmi phone then this problem is comparatively higher. 

After RAM Management Issue it’s another biggest issue on Redmi phones. A majority of the reviewers suggest that redmi phones are not the best choice for gaming and performance.

In both Gaming and Performance, the phone fails to win. But in fact, it’s true that Redmi phones are neither optimized for Performance and Gaming. The weak RAM Management and outdated processor (cheaper chipset used on it) are the primary reason for all of these.

Causes of Overheating on Redmi Phones

Although the Redmi phones are cheaper and provide several features on a budget we can find several issues. We can notice the number of hidden weaknesses on the phone. The Redmi phones are optimized for their non-sense features only. It lacks to give the best performance when we compare it to its competitors.

  • Poor RAM Management
  • Outdate Processor
  • Heavy and Bulky UI
  • Bloatware and Outdated Software
  • Overuse of the Phone

4 Methods to Fix Redmi Overheating Issues

We can’t be sure about the exact causes of heating issues on your Redmi phones. But as we have mentioned out the possible causes of it. Depending upon the causes we have different methods to overcome the heating issues on your Redmi phones for you.

Fix Overheating by Updating the System Software

The technical method to overcome the heating issues related problem is by updating your system to new. Making your system up-to-date makes your system tackle software-related problems.

Updating the phones not only make your Redmi updated but also fix out the normal bugs. Those bugs may be the reason for overheating.

  • Go to the Settings app on your Redmi phone.
  • Tap on About Phone.
  • Tap on the MIUI LOGO shown with the current MIUI Version there.
  • Check for updates, if available download the update and re-start your phone.

This method will help you to make your phone faster, saves your phone battery from extra background task and contribute to maintaining overheating issues.

Fix Overheating Issue by Closing Background Apps

The apps and features running in the background consume enough Memory on your phone. Also, it takes enough part of your Processor. With a such background running apps, the processor gets heat faster, in return, the phone gets hot faster and degrades your real-time performance too.

  • Go to the Apps from the Settings in your Redmi Phones.
  • Click on App Permissions there and go for an Autostart there. Here you can get the list of all auto-start apps on your phone.
  • Check out the apps which you don’t want to run in the background automatically.

This method is used to fix Redmi Overheating Issues by killing auto-running apps and their features in the background. 

Fix Overheating by Turning on Battery Saver Mode on Redmi

Sometimes the apps running in the background consume the battery of your phone. Such apps and features running not only consumes battery but also degrade the performance of the battery. So, turning on the Battery saver is another cool method to fix your heat Redmi phone.

  • Go to the Battery and Performance on your Redmi phones. You can access it from Settings.
  • Toggle right from the battery panel to turn it on.
  • That’s it.

Fix Overheating by Removing Bloatware and Heavy Apps

Every app installed in your Redmi phone consumes the Memory and Power of the Processor. So, you must be clear about whether should be removed or not from your phone.

As the Redmi phones are rich in bloatware you must need to delete such non-usable and heavy apps from your phone. Just go to the apps list and delete unnecessary apps from your phone and free up your space, RAM and Make it faster to perform.

  • Rest your Phone to be Charged
  • If you are addicted to using phones while charging then you must need to quit it form right now. Using a mobile phone while charging may be dangerous for both human and battery’ health.
  • So, keep resting your phone while charging. You must need to avoid using your phone during charging. The users must need to take care of the battery’s health to get rid of Redmi overheating issues.

If you have a habit of using your phone while charging then let this habit go from you.  To fix the redmi phone heating while charging you need to give your a rest to your phone.


To Fix Redmi Overheating Issues we have prepared several methods for you. All these above methods are used to minimize the overheating issues on your Redmi phones. 

You can follow out above methods that will help you to tackle the Overheating issues. Hope the tutorial will be useful for you.

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