Top Secret Dial Pad Codes For Android Devices


Today in this Article we will discuss about the Top Secret Dial Pad Codes For Android Devices. If you doesn’t know that what exactly is it then don’t worry we will explain all the code. But before started this article we inform you that different codes will work in different Android Devices.

So we discuss those important codes for some Android Devices like Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi, Oneplus and others. And really these codes are most helpful for Android users. So let’s start this article.

What is Dial Pad Codes ?

Dial pad codes is used to check Android device most hidden but important features. By apply dial pad codes we Check other sensors like camera, microphone, speaker and others. But anyone cannot explore these unique and important features on setting  because these features are hidden, and that is the main reason that why we use Secret codes in Dial Pad. Actually most of the people doesn’t know about these codes and don’t worry we are here to provide.

So finally Dial Pad code is a hidden code with include some Asterisk symbols, hash tags, digits and hash tags like *#digits#. And by the help of codes we can gather more and more information about any Android devices.

How it is useful for us ?

There are most of the cases when we want some information about Android devices but we cannot found those information, but in case of Top Secret Dial Pad Codes we can easily found information, and some information are too hidden so that we cannot found those information in our whole Android devices. But in cash of these hidden tricks will help us to find the information.

By using these code we can check our IMEI number which is completely hidden, check various type of censor like camera, speaker, microphone, display, Brightness and lots more. We can also check our Android Device actual model number and other information about our system software. And all codes are totally depends on different mobile and different models, so now we discuss some codes with supported Android devices.

Dial Pad Codes with supported Devices

As already discuss that different code will work different Android device. It may not possible that one particular code will work on 2 different Android device. But some code will works on every Android Devices like to check IMEI code because this code is very much important and use of different way like to track a device, exchange product online, to get all information of Android device etc. So Let’s start discuss the codes with our first supported Android Device.

#1. Samsung Dial Pad Codes

Samsung is the one of the best Android Company and many user use Samsung Mobile, that’s why we discuss this on first.

#Code 1 – *#1234#

This is the most important Dial pad code and this is very much helpful for all Samsung users. By using this code we can know the actual model of Samsung Phone. In today generation most of Android devices are look like same and the model number will very much helpful when we buy an old Android Devices.

#Code 2 – #0#

Well this code will also most important and helpful for every Samsung users. That why, because when we apply this code on our dial pad then the Test Mode will activate on our Android devices. And already discuss that by using Test Mode we can test multiple Censor like Sound, Touch Pad, Display, Bluetooth, Camera and many other.

#Code 3 – #12580369#

If our mobile have any system issue or problem and suppose we go to a mobile store to repair and this code will very much helpful for those people who repair or check mobile system issue. Because in this code we can easily check the actual and accurate version of hardware and software.

#Code 4 – *#0808#

Basically this code is a USB setting code. When we apply this code on Samsung device dial pad then USB setting on and it shows 2 options in screen. And these are helpful to Samsung users when they connect there Samsung Mobile to Personal Computer or Laptop.

So these are some important Dial pad code for Samsung Devices.

#2. Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, Realme Dial Pad Codes

Now we will discuss some special codes which is run on multiple Android Devices like Oppo, Vivo, Realme, OnePlus etc. As already discuss that one code cannot run multiple Android Devices but these Android device which we mention are made or Control by one company name BBK Electronics Empire. So let’s start discuss the Dial Pad Code.

#Code 1 – *#6776#

By using this Code anyone who have use Oppo, Vivo, Realme, Oneplus can check the all details about his/her Devices. When we buy an Old phone so in this case this code will very much help us to gather details about the Android devices.

#Code 2 – *#899#

When we apply this code on Dial pad then The Engineer Mode will open. And this code may not work on latest OnePlus Android devices. By using this Engineer Mode we can easily test or Debugging on our Android Devices.

#Code 3 – *#1234#

As we already discuss how we check software and hardware version of Samsung Devices and those code will not work on Vivo, oppo, Oneplus, Realme. But by using this code now we can now check the Software version of Vivo, Oppo, Realme and OnePlus.

Dial Pad Codes to check IMEI Nunber

Every Android Devices have 2 unique digits of code and we called them as IMEI number. And this Number will very much important for any Android devices and that not matter that the particular Android devices are a particular or different brand. So if we have to check our EMEI number then we have to open our Dial Pad then apply this Code *#06# and after typing this unique code, we can easily see our IMEI number in our Android Devices.

Final Words

We highly suggest that if you doesn’t know the particular code so don’t try randomly in your dial pad code that is why because there are some other dial pad code which may active by your randomly typing. Although Dial pad codes are very much helpful to us. And if we use these unique dial pad code in our supported Android devices then we cannot face such type of problem.

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