What is Termux Application And How To Use It ?


Today in this article we will discuss about What Is Termux Application and How To Use It ? And we also discuss the various type of packages and commands in this article. This article will very much helpful for those people who’s have great interest about Terminal. Also most of the people doesn’t know what is Termux or Is Termux safe or not. So that this article will very much important for those people.

At fast we discuss that What is Termux ?, How to use Termux Application ?, What are the various packages in Termux Application ?, What is Cmatrix in Termux ? and finally we discuss Is Termux safe or not ?. So let’s start this article.

What is Termux ?

Termux is an Emulator of Android Terminal who’s developed by Fredrik  Fornwall. It is a Linux Environment app which run by the help of some special packages and to use other packages we have to install those packages by giving some commands. And by default some packages we can install by the help of APT Library or Manager.

By using Termux we can perform various operation and task. We can use Ubuntu, Python and other operatung system on this Termux Application. It have different packages which we have to install according our need to perform a specific task.

How to use Termux Application ?

To use Termux application we have to install this application on Google Play store. After that when we open Termux application then we have to install some default packages from APT manager or Library by typing some basics APT commands.

We have to update and upgrade the APT manager before install other commands. So we have to put these code –

  • apt update
  • apt upgrade

Here is the command to update and upgrade APT manager. Basically “apt update” is the command to update the files of APT manager or Library. And “apt upgrade” is used to upgrade the APT files to Latest version. These are the basics command to use Termux application.

There are also some other commands like –

  • pkg install git
  • pkg install python

These are other commands to install Git and Python. Basically pkg means the package and when we install any package then we use pkg install package name.

When we clone any project from Github then we have to install pkg install git.

Various packages in Termux Application

There are many packages in Termux application and all packages have different features. And as we discuss that how we install any packages, but now we discuss the various type of packages. And there are 2 types of packages in Termux application.

  1. Predefine Packages
  2. User define Packages

Its not officially divided by 2 categories, for your better understand about Termux packages we divide into these categories. At fast we discuss Predefine Packages.

Predefine packages are those packages which are already define in Termux Application, and by typing a one of command we can easily explore all packages. And the command is “pkg“. By typing this command there are all predefine commands and there features are visible.

User Define packages are those packages which are install by user like “pkg install git” and “pkg install python“. And there are also other packages like “pkg install cmatrix“.

How to install cmatrix in Termux

Well cmatrix is the awesome features of Termux also cmatrix is use in movies. basically Cmatrix are the combination of binary and symbolic format whichnis continuously animate through up to down. And the installation process of cmatrix is very easy.

To install cmatix in Termux application first of fall we have to update and upgrade APT library or manager. After that we have to type “pkg install cmatrix” in Termux application. And after processing complete then type “cmatrix” and press enter key.

So these are the process to install and run cmatrix in termux application. And to stop the cmatrix in Termux just type ctrl and type C alphabet in your keyboard.

Is Termux is safe or not ?

Termux is the type of terminal which is run on Android operating system. And all the packages are totally safe and free to use. And there are also some powerful packages which is very much helpful for all Termux users. But in some cases most of the bad people use this Termux app to stole data from another users.

That is because we can make spyware application by using termux application. There are most of the packages or scripts which is used to create these type of virus or spyware or payload application. Basically these are used for only Education purpose but some people used these software to stole user data.

Final Words

At the end of this article we suggest you to use Termux application only for Education purpose. And before install any packages you must be collect data about your packages. And don’t use this illegally , we provide the specification of Termux Application only for Education purpose and we and our team are not responsible if you miss use Termux application.

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